The Facilitators Company is a leading authority on everything Ibiza. Reliable, well established, and a pioneer within the Ibiza luxury sector, we accommodate a diverse range of requests, and manage special projects, with the greatest discretion and due diligence that has defined our name.


We utilize our two decades of experience, deep knowledge and unparalleled connections in the planning, creation and coordination of extraordinary events and experiences. Experience Management is at the forefront of everything we do. From event production to itinerary planning, on-Island support and coordination, we will curate your Ibiza experience to the highest standard.


We are a trusted Destination Management Company who provides expert Ibiza Travel and Event Management, offering consultancy to discerning private clients and partners across Europe and the World. Our professional team are dedicated to the successful facilitation of first-class experiences through our trademark precision planning, organisation and leadership.


Owing to the specialist expertise of our founder, The Facilitators Company is the Ibiza´s leading expert in the management of Special Projects. For travel and event assignments that involve multiple complex elements, high-budget and a strong quality assurance process, we create a Special Projects Team, made up of a Dedicated Lead Facilitator(s), who takes command of these specialist tasks in a professional and adept manner.


We have a spectacular and select portfolio of luxury Ibiza villas & magnificent private estates, which are available for short or long term rental. We consider our provision of full service household infrastructure to be the best on the Island, and is the basis for a truly exceptional Ibiza experience.


The Facilitators Company provides a comprehensive Ibiza Concierge service to facilitate and co-ordinate clients requests, reservations, errand running and handling of simply and ad-hoc requirement. We understand the varied and unpredictable nature of our clients´requests and our concierge team are at your disposal to provide assistance.


All our services are approached with practicality, as well as VIP hospitality, ensuring that our elite travelers & private clients, their families, and their guests are looked after in safety, as well as style. Our service partners, suppliers and individuals within partner company are vetted and carefully selected with the utmost care, to ensure that our clients have priceless experiences on the Island of Ibiza.