Confidential Tasks

Confidential Tasks

Our Specialist consultants are notable for their personal and practical approach to the management of confidential tasks. We frequently support, host and ensure the comfort and well being of the island’s high profile visitors and events. Selected for our knowledge and diverse operational experience of managing confidential tasks, our specialist skills are pinnacle to this profile service. Professionalism and discretion represent the dedicated and collective goal of The Facilitators. Having operated at the highest levels on an international scale, each lead consultant consistently exceeds any expectation, producing remarkable results for our private clients.

Clandestine Projects

Our management team have become globally known as experts in providing efficient and discreet support to enable private individuals, family, high profile persons, celebrity, public figures and Royalty to maintain or regain their right to keep their personal matters and relationships secret. Whilst working closely with the client, family, necessary external planners, venue management, travel company as well as any PR agency, media representative and family spokesperson, we utilise our skills and experience, developed protocols and strategic planning to successfully implement clandestine meetings, clandestine movement and clandestine events. Our professionalism allows potentially vulnerable individuals to completely relax without concern of impact or intrusion.

Privacy Control

Privacy is a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quietness, lack of disturbance, lack of interruption, and freedom from invasion, interference or intrusion. Over a long period of time, The Facilitators Company having demonstrated our careful considered and personal approach to provide discreet support to ensure high profile clients can maintain their privacy. Our considerable experience within this specialist field of work has resulted in our being able to provide a high quality service that is a non-intrusive complementary affair to themselves and those around them, essential tranquillity, support and peace of mind.