When an item is required to be purchased, delivered or signed, the concierge advisers will dispatch an Errand Runner to travel across Ibiza to accomplish the necessary tasks on behalf of our client.


We maintain an excellent and long-standing relationship with the island ́s leading suppliers that include transport providers, venue managers, wellness experts, provisioning companies, and specialist suppliers. This allows our clients to benefit from a swift and comprehensive service delivered by the very best on the Island.


Our most frequently requested items tend to be food and drink, ad hoc groceries for those moments when you (or your chef needs an item unexpectedly), toys for children to play in the pool or in the villa, or practical items, perhaps something you need for a baby or toddler that you were unable to bring from home.


Our Errand Runner aim to simply complete the task as quickly as possible, if the request is stated as urgent, they will try and attend within 90 minutes, and you will be kept updated of the progress.


We charge for the service by the hour, all inclusive of the our team´s research and expert connections, fuel and the runner´s time for delivery, but do not charge a premium for the items themselves, which are simply billed at cost, upon delivery.


We keep a log of the runner´s movements, and charge for their time by invoice prior to your departure.


Should you wish to have an item collected and safely couriered to another destination, we can send a runner to securely transport the item, and this service is also charged in the same manner as the errand running service.


For any information on this, or any more of our services, please contact our team via the live chat on this website, or via our email info@thefacilitators.co