The Facilitators Company knows that success comes from precision planning and preparation & creativity. Although all good visits to Ibiza include an element of spontaneity, having at least an initial plan in place, ensures you maximise on your time, everyone in your travel group gets to suggest what elements of the trip are important to them.


We therefore take special care to plan your itinerary, listening intently to your personal preferences, and ensuring a perfect balance is struck between relaxation and adventure. We know that this balance is different for everyone, and every client itinerary is highly personalised.


If you´ve visited the Island before, and we´ve looked after you, we will check back to make sure we meet your every expectation, and make itinerary suggestions based on what you enjoyed on previous travels.


If you´ve never been to Ibiza, we inform you with our expert knowledge, making sure that that you settle in from the moment of arrival, and are able to choose how to best spend your time, without feeling overwhelmed by choices in an unexplored location.


With so much to do on the Island, or if you´ve not been to Ibiza before, we expect our clients to change their plans by the hour, or sometimes even the minute! So we are always on hand to make sure the necessary amendments and re-scheduling of your plans, as you settle into your personal Ibiza routine.


Levels of Assistance for Ibiza Itinerary Management:

We offer varied levels of assistance to suit the personal preferences and needs of individual travelers:


1.Ibiza Concierge Service (Discreet professional assistance from our office based support team)


2.Ibiza Concierge Service + Travel Facilitator Service (dedicated personal care of VIP client & guests who will accompany client & guests at all times. (Discreetly or as VIP Host).


Ibiza Concierge Service

A Concierge Consultant will be assigned to provide guidance and assistance. Over the course of days, weeks, or months leading towards your visit, we will manage with attention to detail the pre-arrival planning of your itinerary with you, or your representative, prior to arrival, via phone / email / what’s app.


From the time of your arrival to the Island, you will have the re-assurance that our concierge team will be co-coordinating your itinerary, available to make new or amended arrangements for you and on occasion where required, will meet you in person at a venue.



Dedicated Facilitator Service

A Dedicated Facilitator offers elite level, advanced precision planning, organization and Ibiza hospitality management. This is provided by a physical presence providing on the ground support for clients who want to have the reassurance of a presence to support them, beyond only our remote office team.


The Facilitator will either advance to venues to prepare for group arrival or will accompany client & guests at all times. Operating either discreetly or as VIP Host will shadow you and your group as required, wherever you go, as much or as little as you wish. With full comprehension of the traveler profile will be on hand 24/ 7 dedicated to your and your guests, to manage any and all VIP requests and lead, supervise, co-ordinate any or all additional services that you are utilizing.


Special Projects & Travel Facilitator Team

If we see from your initial itinerary that you travel profile may benefit from dedicated service as there appears the requirements are multiple, your group is especially large, you will be utilizing a large number of services for the duration of the trip, or any other particular reason, our travel management team may suggest that you book the dedicated continuous service of a Travel Facilitator to assist you throughout the duration of your visit.

In some instances, your trip may be particularly high expenditure, high profile or with challenges we would term the service a special project, and our expert concierge team can put together a proposal for a full service offering with a dedicated Travel Facilitator at the center of that team whose absolute focus is a first class Ibiza travel experience.


Our concierge consultants are mostly working remotely from our office – and – our travel facilitators are working 1:1 on the ground moving around the Island to advance to venues and prepare for guests arrival, or accompany and chaperone individuals and groups.


Contact our established Ibiza team for discreet and professional travel planning assistance via info@thefacilitators.co or the live chat on our homepage.