The Facilitators Company has an extensive portfolio of sophisticated and stylish villas curated by our professional private travel and hospitality management team.


Working from our office 365 days a year means we know the best properties in the ultimate locations, many of them architectural award-winners, mountainside among the pine trees, or cliff-top, surrounded by sea air.


Our local and international team have over twenty years experience working within the luxury rental market, giving us an acute understanding of precisely what our clients require from their villa experience. Our clients trust us to present them with a bespoke shortlist of properties after careful consideration of their needs and desires. As a result, they contact us year on year to assist in finding them the ultimate villa in which to retreat, relax and unwind.


We are proud to provide a personalised travel service well beyond signing the rental contract. We offer comprehensive and professional support and complete peace of mind throughout your entire experience.


With over 20 years on the Island of Ibiza, we undoubtedly know every corner of Ibiza, and the majority of luxury rental properties on the market.


Although a relatively small island Ibiza has a large selection of rental properties across the Island: perched upon the cliffs, privately hidden in the pine forests, or set in the heart of its beautiful countryside.


We know the very best properties in all these varied locations, and in most cases have contact with the owner and if not the long standing managing or sole agent or property manager. Whilst this is undoubtedly important and secures our clients the best value rental, we understand the Ibiza rental market well enough to also ensure you have the best experience in every way possible.


These are our five considerations when renting you your villa, and why you can trust us with assisting you to find the perfect property in 2020.


1. We don’t just know the villas and rental market, we understand it. 

The truth is that the demand for large luxury villa far outweighs the supply. As such the best villas in peak season get booked early. We will endeavor to always find a great option for clients who book last minute, but do advise that the choice will be less, and certainly for larger groups with specific requests and fixed dates it really is recommended to request that we start searching at the very earliest opportunity.


2. We work on a bespoke and private basis with every client. 

We work to elite level across all our services, and our villa rental division is no exception. We know it ́s the key to a great Ibiza experience, for families or friends. We work to understand the client’s preferences, and present villas that as closely match that as possible. Whilst we sometimes have to offer alternatives due to limited availability, we never try to sell our clients a villa rental that isn’t suited to them. We manage client expectations so there are no surprises on arrival (apart from the good ones!).


3. We understand the practicalities and importance of attention to detail.

If we think a villa is not suited to your group in any way? We will say so.  If we think your villa would benefit from extra security, we will advise you of how to ensure you have a secure and relaxed stay. If we think that the location isn’t quite what you have in mind, we will let you know. We are totally accurate about journey times between all locations and your villa, so you know exactly how long you need to allow in your day for traveling and maximize on enjoying your planned itinerary.


4. Location, Location, Location 

On Ibiza we´ll tell you more than simply the coordinates of your villa. Proximity to the sea, to a specialist grocery shop, or to your favorite beach clubs or night clubs. The length of the camino (unmade track) to your villa and the type of vehicle required. Near neighbors and privacy of the properties. These are all things will discuss with you throughout your booking process.


5. The Facilitators Signature Hospitality Management & Guest Relations

As a multi-service agency, quite simply anything you require for an exceptional stay in Ibiza, we can arrange. We have our mission control on the Island with an experienced office team, working with our team on the ground, as well as our close service partners to ensure every part of your trip can be managed smoothly. Booking a villa with The Facilitators means we can get started on planning the rest of your visit, and help you to choose a property which suits your itinerary choices.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our Ibiza travel bureau for an informal discussion about Ibiza villa rental or Mykonos villa rental and our full service offering. Our office on the Island of Ibiza is open year round and would love to assist you in planning the perfect visit to our Island.


All enquiries are treated with the utmost confidence. Contact us to discuss your personal requirements.