We offer a professional support staff including a VIP Chaperone service for individuals and groups who may require a professional level of daily support and assistance. Our clients can benefit from either a ‘continual service’ throughout the duration of their travels or for defined periods, such as when they leave the property or when visiting beach clubs, making movements onto yachts or visiting concert venues.


Our VIP Chaperone support the management of the VIP itinerary, respond to the immediate personal requests of the VIP, provide physical and pragmatic assistance to move VIP bags and other items as required.


VIP Chaperone ensure that all movements of the VIP and any entourage are well co-originated and made safely. The parallel focus is to promote first class service for all guests and aim to ensure the level of hospitality service received from any venue is at all times attentive as required.


Our independent VIP Chaperone or Hospitality team discreetly provide professional care to individual or groups or all ages. Within venues we ensure that any designated VIP area is not overcrowded and that no undesired guests invite themselves to VIP table areas. When requested the VIP Chaperone will escort group members to and from the VIP toilet area and guide around large venues.


At the end the night, the Chaperone will assist to ensure the bill arrives in a timely manner, review VIP table charges and supervise payments then check around to ensure no valuables are left behind. At the right time, the VIP Chaperone will assist guests to locate waiting transport and or taxis. The VIP Chaperones are responsible and experienced professionals adding great value to guests experience of Ibiza music venues making sure that its stress free and enjoyed by all.


Most frequently we provide VIP Chaperones working in pairs or indeed 3 / 4 team members working together, however providing the group size is not too large we can provide a lone working VIP Chaperone.

The more detail and knowledge we are provided about a client profile, the greater effort we can make to provide the most suitable team member with most suitable profile and language skills.


We are very proud that we have provided VIP Chaperone around the World for over 20 years during which time we have developed strict protocols focused on the first class care of our clients.