The Facilitators Company consultants are not only subject matter experts in their respective fields, but highly personable and unique individuals with the ability to complement short and long term strategy with their fresh and innovative approach. Providing consultancy services across a diverse range of related issues, our capabilities are far-reaching and utilised to great effect by both corporate bodies and private clients on an international scale.



The Management of The Facilitators Company highlights the best that strength in diversity can provide. With extensive international experience in their respective specialist fields of work, our established Balearic team bring a wealth of professionalism and experience to our operations that few can match. By linking the capabilities learned from such organisations as UK Special Forces, Government, and other specialist groupings, the management of The Facilitators Company are suitably entrusted with the intricate planning and control of Family Office and Private Client operations.



The Facilitators Company provides our clients with the strategic advice necessary for the successful management of personal and professional situations and challenges. Our innovative and client specific approach is geared towards ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the critical factors faced by an individual or organisation, and the subsequent ability to design solutions and make informed choices about where to best commit resources.


Comprehensive analysis is the essential first stage in the formulation of every management plan and The Facilitators Company are experienced at the highest levels in providing analysis and procedural review for Family Office and Private Clients as well as corporate entities. The independent and objective assessments we conduct are structured to identify the specific threats and vulnerabilities necessary for the production of effective management strategies.


Our execution of operations and service delivery reflects the need to persuade individuals and teams throughout an organisation to collaborate and cooperate. This means that communication between specialists and non-specialists is an essential element in the successful development of any coherent and structured management plan. The Facilitators Company fully appreciates this requirement for policy to be understandable at all levels. Working in close consultation with our clients, our specialists seek to determine the principal specific requirements, expectations and any areas of concern before designing and implementing management strategies that are comprehensive in scope, complementary in nature and straightforward in application.


Our proven ability in analysis and the subsequent development of strategies comes in no small part from the close working relationships forged with our clients. Our long-term business partners recognise that the succinct and focused consultancy we provide is of critical importance to their family and commercial interests, making us a trusted and integral part of their support network.



Our specialist consultants are drawn from wide and varied backgrounds, each one in possession of skills, experience and qualities that make our organisation and the services we provide truly unique. Our specialist consultants are noteworthy for their personal and practical approach to management of client requests and associated tasks. Selected for their knowledge and diverse operational experience, each consultant has proven themselves time and again at the highest levels and shown exactly what it means to be a part of our organisation.


The very nature of our highly specialised services dictate the level of trust that has been placed in our organisation and, subsequently, serves to highlight the extraordinary capabilities of The Facilitators Company.