We are a leading resource to provide experienced specialists for varied durations ranging from temporary, full time or seasonal assignments for our client’s private household or to provide service and support during periods of global travel.


We seek personnel who have demonstrated consistently high levels of motivation, passion, pride and skill to suit their specific specialist area of work.


Our expertise in recruitment and human resource management ranges from private households across to more practical travel and adventure lead role and responsibilities, including lone working travel professionals.


By combining the highest standards of professionalism, diligence and integrity, with a characteristically positive attitude, we’ve ensured that the people and organisations entrusted to us to provide personnel, become long-term clients who utilise our capabilities frequently in the knowledge that our level of service is second to none.


The Facilitators Company has grown discreetly to become the very definition of reliability and dedication amongst those who recognise the value of excellence at all levels.


The highly personal and dedicated approach that characterises our service demonstrates that our people are our greatest asset and, as a consequence, great care is taken in their selection.


As a company, we work diligently to ensure that those who operate under the The Facilitators Company are of the highest quality and able to display the utmost standards


  • Butler and House Manager
  • VIP Hostess
  • Bar & Waiting staff
  • Domestic Staff (Maids, Laundry and Cleaning)
  • Residence security officer
  • Private drivers



  • Yacht or Powerboat Captain
  • Sports Scientists, Personal Trainers & Nutritionists


  • Childcare & Education (female / male)
  • Specialist educational needs & disabilities
  • Celebrity P.A.
  • VIP Chaperone
  • Personal Assistant
  • Personal protection officer (bodyguard)




  • Tour Manager
  • Travel Facilitator
  • Micro adventure guides & adventure travel specialists

Client Requirements:

In order to meet your exact needs, we listen to specific requirements and discuss all required skills to ensure preferences and tastes are accommodated and a clear description of the role and associated skills and attributes.


We will ask clients to confirm the location(s) of work, language requirements, and provisional employment conditions.


We believe in profile matching the best-suited applicant to the characteristics and profile of the location, role and employers.


Our Recruitment Network

We maintain a ‘staffing’ database of personnel whom we frequently or have previously worked, as well as applicant CV from candidates who have asked us to keep their profile held within our system.

We seek applicants from this database or by targeted recruitment through job advertisements, partner agency, as well as through ‘word of mouth private referrals’ and specialist recruitment networks.

Upon receipt of candidates CV there are multiple stages to the review including but not limited to:

  • Review history
  • References and screening
  • Presentation of CV
  • Formal Qualifications
  • Language skills
  • Cultural awareness and interests
  • Additional transferable skills that they might bring to the role.


Our Selection Process:

The Facilitators Company is a people focussed company formed upon a belief in providing our clients service excellence. The recruitment process is carried out by our own recruitment consultants who themselves have experience in operations management within their respective specialist fields providing comprehensive insight into the inner workings and requirements.


Qualities & Attributes:

We seek personnel who work diligently and tirelessly to provide a service that is not only efficient and highly effective but also complementary and reflective of the image our clients wish to project.


We therefore strive to carefully select the personnel who are positioned to work within the personal space of our client’s homes.


We seek capable, dependable
 and resourceful personnel who display the highest professional standards at all times.


We actively seek to provide personnel who both complement and enhance our client organisations through the qualities they display. By the careful consideration of such aspects as professional experience, character, outlook and lifestyle, we ensure that our personnel are both fully compatible and entirely complementary to those they are providing service to.

We seek individuals whom are consistently immaculate in appearance and with impeccable manners and politeness.


We ensure all personnel appointed have knowledge and pride within their specialist field of work.


Contracts, Induction, Training, Support and Remote Management

We will help in the preparation of contract agreements, offering guidance as required to both client and personnel, from salary negotiations, and conditions, arranging Visas and Work Permits for the chosen candidates, to the ordering of uniforms, booking travel arrangements, and ensuring advising on the compliance of payments in relation to fees and taxes.


All appointed personnel are briefed on the Facilitators Company Code of conduct, ethics and protocols, which we believe maintain the standards and assist us in exceeding the expectations of our clients.


Registration with The Facilitators Company ‘Talent & Teams’

We welcome candidates who would like to register with us, please send us a provisional email with your CV to info@thefacilitators.co . All registrations are received with strict confidence with understanding that professional may currently be in full time employment exploring the possibility for change.



  • Provide proof of identify
  • Demonstrate clean criminal records globally
  • Able to provide copies of professional qualifications including where applicable driving licence or other permits and licenses.
  • Agreement to participate in a minimum of 2 interviews stages
  • Provide X3 positive professional references from previous employers
  • Provide proof of right to work within territory of the position


Global Service – We provide staffing solution to clients in regions across the World.


Territory of Ibiza – Demand for experienced, trustworthy, professional workers is extremely high and restricted during the peak season; therefore advance booking is strongly advised.


Legal – When country law dictates that a type of service requires license or permit to operate. The Facilitators will review the governance and may advise clients a requirements to contract personnel through a local agency to ensure full compliance.  


Please find below an expanded description of each of the roles to which we provide recruitment assistance, talent and teams.

Butler and House Manager

Are focussed on the management of all the staff within the household, and the workings of the household. The house manager tends to be present for part of each day and working at times remotely, whereas your Butler works in a hands on manner, within the home for the duration of waking hours, or working as a pair with another butler to create a 24 hour service. The Butler gives peace of mind to many clients who expect the running of the household to be akin to what they would expect from their permanent residence, for those who have a extensive guest movements to and from the property, and for those frequently entertaining at the house.

Home & Estates

Personal Private Chef (Home or Global travel)
Are focussed on providing first class culinary experience food for a designated part of each day, or on demand throughout a 24 hour period, creating a restaurant style and standard dining environment within the home.

Private drivers

Are focussed on providing clients with a smooth and stress free solution to travelling for work or pleasure. Travel by car is frequently the only way to travel around the destinations within which we work, and usually the way in which are clients are accustomed to travelling. We source only the most experienced, safe and knowledgeable drivers to transport clients using a dedicated driver service.

Specialist educational needs & disabilities

Are focussed on expert attention to clients of any age that may have intellectual or physical disabilities and the sensitive handling and care that this requires. Our personnel working alongside such clients do so expertly and with the greatest of empathy.

VIP Chaperone

Are focussed on the safe assistance and guidance of clients either in their daily environment, but more importantly in those that they are unfamiliar with. The VIP Chaperone may act in the guise as bodyguard if required, but is more appropriately described as a combination of hospitality host, physical P.A. and protector.

Personal Assistant

Are focussed on the assistance with anything you may require, large or small, in either a physical or remote capacity. Like our other personnel, a client’s PA benefits from the support of the entire Facilitators office, but is dedicated to the client usually for a specified project period, or on an ongoing basis. If working remotely and required, the PA can travel on demand.

Tour Manager

Are focussed on the organisation of all staff of a a client or group of clients, ensuring the seamless day to day operations, as well as smooth movements when the group is physically moving from A to B. All from the Manager themself to other staff working in conjunction with the manager have exceptional eye for detail, organisation and logistics.

Micro adventure guides & adventure travel specialists

Are focussed on providing an exceptional luxury experience, typically over the course of a day or several days. These specialists are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their skills with our clients. Some clients choose activities in which they are already very proficient, and some people take the opportunity to try new experiences.

Yacht or Powerboat Captain

Are focussed primarily on the safety and also hospitality of the clients on the water.
When chartering a yacht, it can be possible on some vessels to choose your own Captain,
Which clients often enjoy so they have the familiarity of the same Captain.

VIP Hostess

Are focussed on leading the bar and waiting staff and work either in conjunction with the house manager and or Butler, and ensure the service environment is functioning at an exemplary level at all times. They are pivotal in comprehensively overseeing both food and beverage matters, as well as guests’ personal wishes such as unpacking on arrival, and any ad hoc special requests. They can work in lieu of a  Butler, although the highest level of household and large scale operations with many guests require a VIP hostess(es) working in conjunction with the Butler.

Bar & Waiting Staff

Are focussed on assisting the VIP Hostess(es) in providing the food and beverage service within the villa, including ensuring the provisioning and stocking is well coordinated. For a high level of service, a one off event, or within households with large guest numbers, specialist Bar and Waiting staff are required to provide an exceptional service.

Domestic Staff (Maids, Laundry and Cleaning)

Laundry personnel are focussed on the provision of a seamless laundry service, predominantly for coordination of laundering of clients personal clothing, but also for any special requests related to laundering of bedding also, beyond what the household provides as standard. They are sensitive to luxury fabrics, and also the safe collection, treatment and return of those items of clothing special to the client.
Maids and cleaning personnel are focussed on ensuring the cleanliness and daily servicing of the household is done in a timely and smooth manner. Additional maids are often recommended when entertaining, with an extensive number of guests, or for an event.

Childcare & Education (female / male)

Childcare & Education (female / male)
Are focussed, naturally, on the highest level of care and attention for children, but with very bespoke attention to the child, and acute attention to their needs. Tutors, babysitters and Nannies are provided only after thorough reference checking, detailed discussion with the client, and with the utmost attention to the match between our personnel and your child.

Celebrity P.A.

Are focussed on assisting our high profile clients with efficiency and discretion, making sure that their day to day routine is not disrupted by potential media intrusion, and they can go about their business in a private manner.  For clients needing extra security the PA will work closely with the VIP Chaperone or Facilitator, in moments where the clients are moving from A to B and or in a very public circumstance.

Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard)

Are focussed on the safety and security of clients who are threatened in any way or simply feel they need an additional level of personal security for themselves or their families. Working alone or within a wider team of Dedicated Facilitators, Chaperones, Drivers, Residential Security, and other personal protection officers, Personal Protection Officers are providing a serious service and as such we take their appointment to a client very seriously.

Travel Facilitator

Are focussed on the pre travel planning and the operations whilst travelling of the client in line with their plans, both those made in advance, and those amended on the day, to ensure the clients wishes are achieved and their experience at each location is maximised without any stress on the part of the client.

Activity & Sport

Are focussed on providing the best available provision for the client’s choice of activity, who are professional and discreet and adaptable to the clients requests and needs. They are passionate about their specialist activity and helping others to enjoy and learn or improve.

Sports Scientists, Personal Trainers & Nutritionists

Are focussed on using their expert knowledge and training to help clients achieve their goals. We work only with experts in their field, who have a proven track record of results and progress.

Due to the personal nature of the work we do, client confidentiality is paramount and all our personnel  understand this and sign documentation in accordance with this.

Family office

All of our family office services are offered to ensure comprehensive support to established family offices in the short or long term, and in any given location, with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Our reputation has been built on trust and discretion, and as such, we offer support to the most private of individuals. No matter what the request, we are happy to discuss and assist.